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 Lasermike repair

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Microtex offers automatic roller fixtures, V Blocks, Zero Chucks & 

Sliding Fixtures to help with your measurement needs.

We can create a fixture from your sketches or drawings.   Send us 

a sample of your product, we'll design a fixture to fit it. 


Zygo / Z-mike 1201 & 1201B V Block

Made from Delrin plastic, won't scratch your parts


Call us or email.     



Automatic roller fixture made for LaserMike/Techmet 183's 

enable automatic measurement of various products    

$900.00 net 30 days


Slide fixture made for a customer to enable measurement of a rod on a model 500  


Larger slide for printer rollers or any cylinder, tube etc.   



Various fixed and adjustable "V" blocks, zero chucks and calibration stands.

Home - Sales - Custom Fixtures - Repairs - Service - Inventory


 Lasermike Automatic-Zero Chuck        $ 650.00

 Microtex Custom made roller fixture    $ 900.00

 Microtex Standard fixed "V" Block       $ 275.00

 Microtex adjustable "V" Block               $ 675.00


Home - Sales - Custom Fixtures - Repairs - Service - Inventory